Advantages and Disadvantages of Coal Fired Power Plant

Coal Fired Power Plant using the power of steam to drive a turbine. The basic principle is to heat the water, the water turns to steam and pressurized vapor will turn turbines. Then Rotating turbine drives a generator which will produces electricity. Coal Fired Power Plant is a type of plants that use fossil energy that can not be renewable.

Power plant is the most widely used plant in Indonesia. This plant has its advantages and disadvantages.

10 Advantages of Coal Fired Power Plant

1. Cheap. Energy from coal is very cheap, the price is not likely to rise, even as now prices continue to decline. Much cheaper than using wind power, solar power or biomass.

2. Continuous, Predictable and reliable. The coal fire power plant can work 24 hours a day continuously.

3. Abundant. The amount of coal reserves in the world are still very abundant

4. Flammable, making it easy to generate energy

5. Infrastructure for mining, processing, transportation and use of coal is available.

6. Coal is easily to be stored, transported and used, unlike other types of primary energy sources such as wind and water.

7. Coal can be found throughout the world and are easily accessible by many people. There are a lot of coal reserves in the North Amerka, Europe, Asia and Australia.

8. The products in the rest of the coal can be used by other industries such as cement industry

9. High Load Factor. Coal Fired Power Plant has a very high load factor, can be up to 80%

9. Indonesia could use coal from their own country without the need to rely on other countries.

6 Disadvantages of Coal Fired Power Plant

1. Burning coal produces a mixture of many harmful chemicals that can be harmful to health such as sulfur dioxide. Many victims may fall due to respiratory disease if uncontrolled coal combustion.

2. Extraction of coal costly and expensive investment

3. The plant produces a lot of greenhouse gases. Wind turbines generate 8 times lower than the CO2 from the power plant.

4. Coal mining is dangerous and can damage the environment

5. The power plant is not friendly to the fauna around the plant.

6. The plant produces waste that can pollute the waters around the plant.

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